Weekend in Athens for WSAVA Dental Guidelines

Since Dental Guidelines were published in 2017, together with the sponsors we have further worked on raising awareness about veterinary dentistry all over the world. The most recent trip I made with this goal in mind was to Athens, Greece. The Hellenic Companion Animal Veterinary Society (HCAVS) recognized the importance of further education in veterinary dentistry and, together with my colleagues Prof. Papadimitriou and Dr. Kouki from Thessaloniki Veterinary School, we had a full day of lectures and interactive sessions during the 10th Veterinary Forum on companion animal medicine.

Not only that – thanks to Prof. Papadimitriou and Dr. Kouki we also celebrated the publication of the Dental Guidelines in Greek language. We were most happy, that the room was packed with attendees, eagerly contributing to our discussions.

And as I always try to do with work and travel – besides meeting old and new friends – Saturday evening was filled with Mediteranean flavours and Sunday morning completed my trip with an awesome spring stroll through Plaka up to the Acropolis.