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3 steps to the best interpretation of dental radiographs

2. February 2020

Full-mouth dental radiographs are still the golden standard of imaging in veterinary dentistry, especially if the animal is presented for the first time, or if the clinical condition has changed significantly since the previous visit. Without obtaining dental radiographs, there is a great chance to miss clinically important findings and poorly treat the patient.

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3 most common emergencies in veterinary dentistry

16. December 2019

Life-threatening situations are rare in veterinary dentistry and most of the dental/oral emergencies can be prevented by keeping the animal under supervision, especially during the loud festive season. Before giving any over-the-counter medications to your animal, consult with your veterinarian!

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Where to in 2020?

23. November 2019

What a year is coming to an end! But we will continue to create opportunities to learn about veterinary dentistry in 2020 – join us!

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