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    Where to in 2024?

    28. December 2023

    I finally achieved one (not one, two! 🙂 ) of my career goals – I am now working with two fabulous residents! Now you may think – good for her, lady can now finally be travelling only … well, I do just as I did before, but with much less time praticularly for updating my […]

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    My cat’s upper canine teeth are growing!

    20. November 2023

    Teeth in dogs and cats only “grow” during the eruption, which is generally completed by the 6 months of age of a dog or a cat. Any later outwards movement of the tooth/teeth is abnormal and needs to be addressed with your vet.

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    3 myths on tartar

    6. July 2023

    Plaque and calculus accumulation is a normal and constant process. While dental calculus is not directly associated with periodontal disease, dental plaque is the main reason for the start and progression of periodontal disease. Let’s have a look into some myths and facts about dental deposits!

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