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    Where to in 2021?

    18. February 2021

    Despite mostly working on rescheduling our 2020 events, we were not just waiting for the life to happen again 😊. We were still able to run some of the events online, we consulted more clients and vets via telemedicine and we have kept ourselves busy by planning the future!

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    How to get your dog into a daily toothbrushing routine?

    7. December 2020

    Learning is not a race against time. The most important is not to skip the steps in the learning process; if your dog is not sovereign in a step, go one step back and train more.

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    General anaesthesia is needed for all dental procedures in dogs and cats

    10. November 2020

    To properly diagnose and treat oral and dental diseases in dogs and cats with the goal to improve their quality of life, the animals need to be under general anaesthesia. Significant developments in the field of veterinary anaesthesia in the recent decade enable for a safe anaesthesia, also in animals with other (systemic) diseases. 

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