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Sudden swelling below the eye – just an insect bite?

11. July 2020

There are several reasons for a sudden suborbital (below the eye) swelling in dogs – insect bites are indeed possible, but more commonly we should think of trauma, foreign body, tumor and definitely dental disease.

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Discoloured tooth with an intact crown – do I need to worry?

27. April 2020

In dogs, discoloured teeth with intact crowns are non-vital in majority (92.2%) of the cases. These teeth can be infected and painful. Therefore, they should be carefully examined and radiographed. It is recommended to treat discoloured teeth.

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Why is an early diagnosis of oral tumours in dogs important?

28. March 2020

Many of the oral tumours in dogs can be cured, if they are diagnosed early. Therefore, do not waste precious time and consult your veterinarian as soon as you notice any change in your dog’s mouth.

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