To keep the pace with a rapid development of veterinary medicine, new diagnostic and treatment procedures, new materials and equipment, and to provide excellent services, we should continuously educate ourselves. This is probably even more true for veterinary dentistry, which is still one of the most neglected specialties of veterinary medicine.

Congresses and workshops

Are you interested in continuing education in veterinary dentistry? We can meet at several congresses and workshops in 2024. And there is much more worldwide!

Individual clinical education

Would you like to shadow me in the clinic? Or would you prefer a weekend of individual workshops? Contact me to create an educational programme that would best serve your needs and help you improve your services.

Residency training (EVDC)

Do you already have some clinical experience and you see your future as a specialist in veterinary dentistry? I can be your EVDC residency supervisor.


Do you have a difficult clinical case or need help with the interpretation of dental radiographs? I can help you with an advice through VetCT!