Finally meeting friends again!

Finally meeting colleagues and friends for real! Thank you, awesome Tierklinik Hofheim team for a weekend of learning and fun, while still practicing socially-responsible behaviours to prevent spread of the disease(s).

There is no such thing as really connect with people online. Although I am an avid social media user and switching to online platforms for meetings, teaching and also some telemedicine (because in all the uncertainty of the recent months continuing with lecturing, planning  research and my clinical work has brought me some feelings of “normalcy” and purpose) was a no-brainer for me – this is simply not it. Because … who are we – humans from around the globe – if we cannot look into each other’s eyes while observing the uncovered big smile, or, maybe notice the subtle signs of struggle, and open up for listening?

Conferences and meetings have never been solely a way to share knowledge or plan activities, in fact, to me these have always been opportunities to exchange ideas and feelings way beyond the profession. Opportunities to also feel understood and encouraged by those sharing similar lifestyles, passions, challenges and achievements, over a tasty dinner or downtown stroll, just to return home inspired for growth and stronger to embrace change.