Congress at Home

Giving lectures and workshops at home is always a special challenge and biggest satisfaction. I am thankful to the organizers of the 7th Slovenian veterinary congress for the invitation to include 3 days of dentistry in the busy congress schedule. It confirms, that a long tradition of recognizing veterinary dentistry as an important discipline in veterinary medicine will continue.

Tuesday was busy for students; together with the Student Chapter of the European Veterinary Dental Society (SCEVDS) we held a workshop at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana and learn about detailed oral and dental examination and locoreginal anaesthesia. Very proud of the young generation, promissing a bright future for veterinary dentistry in the region. And proud of my Faculty, that is the only one in Europe providing 90 hours of veterinary dentistry to the veterinary medicine students in their 6th year.

Together with the Slovenian Small Animal Veterinary Association on Wednesday we hosted at the workshop our colleagues, ensuring the knowledge is applied to practice for the best possible care of our dentistry patients.

We moved to beautiful seaside on Thursday. Together with the two other small animal specialists in Slovenia, Marko Pipan (emergency and critical care) and Tadej Zemljič (ophthalmology), we had good times discussing maxillofacial trauma cases with our colleagues.

After the three busy days a stroll to Piran was exactly what I needed before a tasty dinner in a relaxed company of about 800 colleagues from Slovenia and abroad.

I guess I’ll take a little break from the conferences now 🙂