Where to in 2020?

What a year is coming to an end! With autumn spent between Greece, Croatia, Romania, Sweden and Russia, the year has not only been filled with travel and work, but it has also brought some changes at home – we updated our veterinary dentistry curriculum at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana and have also treated more patients than ever before. This all would be impossible without a great team of colleagues, trustful clients and friends all over the world. Grateful.

veterinary dentistry workshop

We will continue to create opportunities to learn about veterinary dentistry in 2020, join us!

lecturing veterinary dentistry

Firstly, the two major meetings on veterinary dentistry:

June 4 – 6, Nantes, France: European Veterinary Dental Forum

October 29 – November 1, Dallas, Texas, USA: Veterinary Dental Forum

teaching veterinary dentistry

And I will contribute to:

January 10 – 12, Antalya, Turkey: TuVECCA Symposium

February 24 – 28, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry II

May 6, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Eastern European Regional Veterinary Conference

June 10, VetMeet webinar

July 21 – 25, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Feline and canine dentistry workshop

September 23 – 26, Warsaw, Poland: World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Congress

September 28 – October 2, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry I

November 16 – 20, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry III

veterinary dentistry travel

Follow also the activities of the Student Chapter of the European Veterinary Dental Society (SCEVDS) in Ljubljana – they are preparing a busy schedule of events at the Veterinary Faculty in Ljubljana!