Where to in 2024?

I finally achieved one (not one, two! 🙂 ) of my career goals – I am now working with two fabulous residents! Now you may think – good for her, lady can now finally be travelling only … well, I do just as I did before, but with much less time praticularly for updating my blog. And 2023 was colorful between our patients, students, congresses and workshops …

SCIVAC, Rimini

…. and how does 2024 look like?

We will still combine some »travel« and some »online« experiences.

Firstly, the two major meetings on veterinary dentistry:

May 30 – June 1, Nantes, France: European Veterinary Dental Forum

September 25 – 28, Palm Springs, California, USA: Veterinary Dental Forum

Halmstad, Sweden

And I will contribute to:

February 12 16, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry I

March 11 15, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry III

March 7, June 6, August 29, Germany, online: Journal Club Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tierzahnheilkunde

March 22 23, Zagreb, Croatia: CSAVS Congress

May 10 – 12, Bucharest, Romania: Vets on the Balkans Conference “Vets for cats”

June 7 – 8, Dortmund, Germany: DeutscheVet Congress

June 24 – 28, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry II

August 22, UK, online: The Webinar Vet

October 28 – November 1, Halmstad, Sweden: Dentistry I

Rimini, Italy

See you!