“Gastarbajter” visit at home

Text and photos by Tanja Plavec

Even before I went abroad, my predecessors told me that in the first year I would probably spend the most of my vacation time at home. And after the leave I will come back tired of all the visits and the organization of meetings with all, and in the desire to see everything that I missed in the past three or four months. So far, this has certainly been the case. In the middle of Germany, on the flats around Frankfurt, the thing that I miss the most is the natural diversity of Slovenia and its beautiful mountains. For this reason, already on the first day after arriving home, I go somewhereuphill. This time, due to a number of obligations, a bit differently, but the hills were also the cornerstone of this visit.

First, I visited Nanos with my loyal dog Lajk, then we explored the route of 7 waterfalls in Istria and played around the intermittent Lake Cerknica. In the meantime, I gave a lecture on the “The role of a veterinarian at the young age of the dog” for the Tibetan Breeds Club of Slovenia, where, among other things, I focused on my very fond topic: the impact of spaying and castration on the health and life of dogs. The lecture was well attended, the debate at the end was interesting and the questions very thorough. An interesting experience undoubtedly. My dear friend would say #doingwhatilovetodo, but I would add #surgeryrules.

There was a beautiful sunny weekend, and the hills were inviting again. As I also miss people beside the hills, my friends and me visited the mountain with the most beautiful views on the Martuljek mountains, the Mt. Vošca. Oh, how magnificent it is to breathe in with full lungs, listen to the creaking of snow under the soles and chat without having to look for words. Thank you girls for this wonderful day. Even though there were only 912 height meters all day 🙂 .

Every visit at home is also marked by a visit to an untested restaurant. This time, with Ana, who shares my enthusiasm for good food and good life, I visited the Gostilna 5-6 kg in Ljubljana. From pate to dessert, from delicacy to … the next delicacy #goodlife

Last week, the Slovenian Veterinary Congress was held in Ljubljana and Portorož. As part of the congress, I attended the workshop of Elektroporation. My current working place, Veterinary Clinic Hofheim – Tierklinik Hofheim, which offers a number of advanced oncological treatments, does not offer this one yet. And where should I learn, if not in the very center of this treatment, at my previous parent institution – the Veterinary Faculty and the Small Animal Clinic? So I went. Two days full of information, knowledge and rich experience. I am very thankful to the team of the workshop for this experience! 

And now back to doing what I love to do, cutting some tumors away and helping my future patients.

Assist. prof. Tanja Plavec, DVM recevied her DVM and PhD degrees from the Veterinary Faculty University in Ljubljana and had worked as a soft tissue surgeon at the Small Animal Clinic of the Veterinary Faculty. For me, Tanja is that person you need in life to feel heard and understood. She inspired me mostly with her courage, when after 10 years of a successful career in Slovenia, she decided that there is always a chance to learn more working with the best mentors in the field. Tanja is currently working at one of the best clinics for veterinary oncology in Europe, and she is focusing on oncologic surgery.