Hike to Čaven

Čaven is an extremely interesting ridge above my Vipava valley. Several paths lead us uphill from the villages in the valley, but the most amazing one seems to me the one that starts approximately mid-way from Lokavec to Predmeja, just before the stone tunnels. We follow that path as long as possible, passing the cliffs as if we were somewhere high in the mountains.

And then we turn uphill towards Mala Gora and further towards the hut or, better still, back to the car, but this time following the meadows on the edge of the ridge. For the most amazing views – from Nanos to the east, the Vipava valley, Karst and the sea in the south, all the way to the Dolomites in the west. And with an empty stomach back to the Vipava valley for some new flavors to complete a beautiful day.