Why do we need to remove a tooth?

The reasons, why the tooth needs to be removed are several:

There are some situations, where the diseased tooth can be saved. However, if the client declines tooth-saving procedure or such a procedure is deemed inappropriate by the veterinary dentist, such a tooth needs to be extracted:

  • teeth with crown fracture with pulp exposure,
  • non-vital teeth or teeth highly suspicious of having pulpitis,
  • teeth that were previously endodontically treated but radiographic re-check reveals a failure,
  • teeth affected by caries,
  • teeth causing traumatic malocclusion,
  • teeth affected by periodontal trauma,
  • and elective (full-mouth) dental extractions are also still the main treatment step in cats with chronic gingivostomatitis.

If you have noted any problems with your animal, please consult your veterinarian.